If you love manufacturing (and we do), Hutchinson is an excellent place to live and work. And if you’re biased (we are), MITGI is a great place to build a career. We’re hiring, and we’re ready for you to join our team.

MITGI manufactures and markets carbide cutting tools to manufacturers in a variety of industries, including: medical device, aerospace, automotive, rapid-prototyping, and precision manufacturing. In order to meet the quality and lead time demands of our customers, MITGI is adding positions in a variety of areas within our company.

Candidates should:

  • Value working to meet customer needs
  • Take pride in quality work
  • Like to learn
  • Enjoy working as part of a team
  • Expect competitive pay, benefits, PTO, and 401k
Contact us to apply today.


Customize tools to deliver superior performance

For nearly 30 years, MITGI has helped companies achieve production goals through custom cutting tools. By optimizing tools for specific jobs, companies are able to achieve:

  • Superior finish
  • Increased material removal rates
  • Faster speeds and feeds
  • Free-flowing chips
  • Better ROI for long-running jobs

Our teams are ready to help your engineering and supply chain teams to develop the tools needed to achieve your production goals.

Contact us today to discuss project-specific tool options.


Steady the supply chain with a company that is dependable, reliable, and consistent.

As a consumer, it’s nearly impossible to go a day without hearing about issues in the supply chain. As a manufacturer, these issues are part of nearly every conversation as we try to develop action plans to keep manufacturing moving even when just-in-time systems fall behind.

Count on MITGI to provide:

  • Confidence that cutting tools will be available on time
  • Access to readily available tools
  • Cost savings to help offset increases in other parts of manufacturing
  • Short lead times to help avoid potential disruptions
Ready to take one supply chain concern off of your list? Contact us today to get started with a quote, conversation, or strategic plan.


Even when things are good, they can always get better.

During periods of growth and expansion, it can be difficult for companies to address big-picture goals. While your teams are making sure that production has what they need for tomorrow, let MITGI help to prepare for the long run. We’re adept at developing plans to achieve goals such as:

  • Cost reduction for long-running jobs
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Tool development for new lines or facilities
  • Global purchasing plans that reward purchases across multiple divisions
Our business, technical, and production teams are ready to help turn ideas into action. Contact us today to get started.



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