Over the past two decades, MITGI has experienced steady growth in terms of product lines and employees. Throughout the growth, MITGI has relied on strong leadership to help maintain a company culture that encourages a balance between process and innovation, urging employees to use their talents to improve quality and production.

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Bruce Kasal, CEO

Phone: (320) 455-0535

Eric Lipke, President

Phone: (320) 455-0535

Email: eric.lipke@mitgi.us

Andrea Waller-Plath, General Manager

Phone: (320) 455-0535

Email: andrea.wallerplath@mitgi.us

Katie Bruns, Executive Assistant to the President and HR

Phone: (320) 455-0535

Email: katie.bruns@mitgi.us

Jeff Streich, Senior Account Manager

Phone: (320) 455-0535

Email: jeff.streich@mitgi.us

Jennie Mitchell Nelson, Director of Sales and Marketing

Phone: (320) 455-0535

Email: jennie.nelson@mitgi.us