Hutchinson Area Manufacturers Partner with Local, Regional, and State Agencies to Promote Business in Minnesota

HUTCHINSON, MN – August 27, 2014

On August 11, 2014, area businesses partnered with the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority (EDA), Southwest Initiative Foundation, and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) as part of a state-wide initiative to promote Minnesota as a viable manufacturing area for businesses who are considering locations in the United States. Dividing the state into eight regions, The Site Selector Familiarization (FAM) Tour brought site selecting consultants to metro and outstate locations to familiarize them with the assets and infrastructure that Minnesota has to offer to international and domestic businesses.

“In the Southwest Region, which includes communities such as Hutchinson and Willmar, we are strong in industries such as manufacturing, food, agribusiness, and bioscience,” explained Scott Marquardt, Vice President of the Southwest Initiative Foundation. “Site selectors help provide location strategy to international companies in every industry. Our goal in bringing them to Hutchinson and Willmar was to show them what the region has to offer, the depth of technology utilized, and an entrepreneurial spirit that makes manufacturing so strong in our area.”

“Hutchinson has a set of labor and infrastructure attributes that makes it an attractive candidate for foreign and domestic companies looking to establish a U.S. presence, joint venture, or regional distribution center,” described Lee Miller, Economic Development Director of the Hutchinson EDA. “While many communities will focus on financial incentives such as tax breaks, loan forgiveness, and financing, we’ve found one additional factor that helps position Hutchinson as a premier location to consider: a highly skilled workforce. Approximately 35% of the labor force in Hutchinson is directly involved in manufacturing. Hutchinson is a community that supports and promotes educated, hard-working, and skilled labor.”

“As part of the Hutchinson business community, we were glad to help represent manufacturing in the region,” said Eric Lipke, General Manager at Midwest Industrial Tool Grinding, Inc. (MITGI). “We see the advantages of working in this area every day: readily available quality labor, people who care about what they are doing and making, and a strong work ethic. In some parts of the country, companies have to work hard to build that culture. In Hutchinson, that culture already exists. In meeting with Deane Foote, the site selector on our tour, he noted factors that would appeal to his clients such as the cleanliness of the facility, the age range of our employees, and a positive work environment”

A two-day tour through the Southwest Region, the tours and meetings held in Hutchinson were set to illustrate the range of manufacturers and facilities in the area. The tour locations included manufacturing facilities that specialize in agribusiness, technical products, large scale equipment, and materials used in by other manufacturers, including: Crow River Winery, HTI, Hutchinson Manufacturing, NuCrane, and MITGI.

MITGI manufactures standard and custom cutting tools that are built to tighter tolerances than most tools on the market. Combining innovation with quality and repeatability, MITGI tools have become the product of choice in many R&D departments and manufacturing facilities that serve the medical, automotive, computer, and aerospace industries.

Hutchinson EDA_MITGI Tour Apr22_2014

Discussing quality and workmanship on a MITGI facility tour.  From left to right: Lee Miller (Hutchinson EDA), Deane Foote (President and CEO, Foote Consulting Group), Tim Ulrich (Hutchinson EDA Board President), Eric Lipke (General Manager, MITGI).