Not every continuous improvement project can be handled in the same way. Each project deserves a fresh approach that will optimize results.

Application: COMPANY E was recently awarded a new project and are moving from pre-production testing into full-scale production. During the initial stages, COMPANY E used a standard MITGI endmill and chamfer cutter to achieve the part features.

Goals: Reduce cycle times, reduce setup times, and increase parts/tool

Material: Stainless

Current tool types: Standard micro end mill and chamfer cutter

Coating: AlTiN

MITGI Recommendation: Instead of using two tools to create the form, MITGI developed a custom FORM KEY CUTTER to achieve the same shape using a single tool

Key Benefits:

  • Form can be achieved in a single pass, which reduces overall cycle time
  • Less setup which means cost savings in both time and scrap
  • Superior part quality by delivering better blends and consistent form
  • Larger shank allows for more flutes (moving from a  1/8″ standard tool to a 1/2″ form tool), which helps to achieve higher MRR
  • Tool designed with added rigidity to allow for faster feed rates and improve cycle time

“Thank you so much for the ‘Above and Beyond’ approach you had with our job. We truly appreciate it. Your company is a joy to work with, not only for the fast and friendly service, but also the technical advice that you provide.  Many thanks!”