MANUFACTURED BY MITGI: Custom and Standard Carbide Cutting Tools

Many of our customers first came to us to make tools that other manufacturers could not make or when available lead times were too long.  We’re good at solving problems like these and we like knowing that the tools we make help to empower innovation and performance in manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and throughout the world.

Manufacturers face increasingly tight production schedules and cannot afford downtime.  MITGI understands that short lead times and the ability to deliver tools on time are essential to keep lines running and efficient.  Our teams keep both your lead times and tool specs in mind when quoting, manufacturing, and delivering your tools.  MITGI delivers performance and timelines you can depend on.

Companies that specialize in medical device manufacturing, aerospace, rapid prototyping, and all forms of precision manufacturing require tools with tight tolerances that are often hard to make.  On-site manufacturing gives MITGI the ability to assess complex applications with our technical team and gives us flexibility in scheduling.  Our shop is well-equipped with an array of machines, inspection equipment, and experienced staff.  This means that MITGI is capable and ready to make the tools you need, when you need them, and are well-positioned to match your growth.

Precision manufacturing requires tools that ensure repeatable performance, can handle complex manufacturing tasks, and help to boost productivity.  MITGI employs service and support teams who can help solve tool problems that are difficult to assess or manufacture.  On-site manufacturing gives customers flexibility in tool design to support performance, tool optimization, and innovation.

Each manufacturing facility operates a little bit differently and we trust our customers to know the way that works best for them to purchase.  That’s why MITGI offers flexibility in purchasing.  Customers can buy online, direct, or through the distributors they trust to deliver additional service and support.  Contact us for more information.

“As always, your tools, delivery, service, and tool performance were absolutely wonderful.  I can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it is to do business with MITGI.  We currently utilize a number of different suppliers, but your service is unparalleled.  I love your new tools; they blow the door off of everyone else.”